Hot Business Idea: Blow-dry bars & niche beauty services

BlowDry 1

Blow-dry bars don’t serve alcohol but they have women ordering blow-dry after blow-dry as if they are serving flavoured Martinis. These blow-dry bars are growing in popularity because they give women an affordable luxury. It seems as if affordable luxuries are not losing their lustre anytime soon thanks to the glossy looks they are giving their customers. Blow-dry bars are mushrooming in the US, UK and Europe – and I can see an African version being successful in growing economies like Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. For emerging markets, the model would need to be tweaked and instead of blow-drying which can be harsh on Afro hair, an eyebrow bar offering just threading and eyebrow plucking might be just what customers are looking for.

Clearly, there is a lot of profits in the hot air of a blow dryer that many people are trying to get into. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her friend Tracy Anderson are opening a blow-dry bar in the US to cash in on the roaring market for this cheap but luxurious trend. I can see why blow-dry bars are doing so well – going to the salon and getting a blow-dry or your hair straightened or even just going to the salon to get your hair curled is something that instantly makes women feel like movie stars. Women who have disposable income are doing it all: from having children, having incredible careers and being in marriages and relationships. Opulent blow-dry experiences make these women feel like the wonder women that they are – it’s no surprise that financially these businesses are doing so well.

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